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Mooring Fees - 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025

Overnight/Visitor Moorings £13.50/night

Northampton Marina*

Leisure use





Northampton Marina*

Mixed use





Northampton Marina*

Residential use





*At Northampton Marina there is a minimum mooring fee equivalent to a 30ft/9.14m boat

Mooring Fee Header.PNG

Mooring types


Full Residential: This category allows a moorer to live aboard their boat all year. Customers pay Council Tax. We have a limited number of these moorings.


Mixed Use: Moorers are allowed to live aboard their boat for most of the year but the vessel must vacate the marina for 2 weeks in every 6 month period.

Leisure Use: This is a non-residential mooring. Customers cannot live aboard their boat and can only stay three nights out of every seven. Full details are in the terms and conditions.


Reservation Fee

This is non refundable and will reserve a berth for 4 weeks while your agreement is being processed. Details of how to pay will be sent when a berth is confirmed as available. If a berth is taken the deposit is credited towards the mooring fee. Please DO NOT send any money or cheques until requested.

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